Friday, May 25, 2012

Setting Babies On Fire

It makes me sad that fire retardant baby clothes exist. I don't mean fire retardant childrens' clothes- children run about and get into all kinds of mischief that could burn them. But infants can't get into any mischief, or any dangerous situations, unless they are placed there by someone else. Infants can move their arms and legs and heads, and they can roll a little, but that's it. How are these infants being set on fire? Here are the only ways I can imagine:

1) You set your baby on top of the kitchen stove, while it is on.....for some reason.

2) You set your baby so close to a burning fireplace that sparks are landing on the baby, or the baby can flail into it.

3) You are a firefighter and you thought it would be a good idea to bring your baby with you into a burning building for "take your daughter to work" day.

4) You fell asleep while holding both your baby and a lit cigarette.

5) You, or someone else, deliberately set the baby on fire. In this case, flame retardant clothing won't help, since the murderer would just remove the clothes.

6) Your house is on fire and your baby burns to death. Though in house fires, it's usually the smoke that kills, not the flames. Anyway, flame retardant clothes would not be helpful in this situation.

7) Your baby has been tried as a witch and found guilty.

Seriously? No. Your baby is not going to catch on fire unless you are basically TRYING to set it on fire. You would have to be negligent to the point of insanity for your infant to catch fire. People are so freaking paranoid.

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